Tenant Maintenance Tips

Often, there are simple remedies to your maintenance concerns

Please review the tips listed below before requesting service

Tenant Responsibilities for Routine Maintenance

Plumbing blockages. The only items safe to put down the drains of the property are human waste and toilet paper. The following items are prohibited: paper towels, grease, tampons, sanitary napkins, food, condoms, paint, toys, and litter from pet waste. While Landlord is responsible to repair the plumbing systems when they wear out or break in the course of normal use, Tenant is responsible for repairs that are caused by Tenant's negligence. If Tenant puts any item down the drain other than human waste and toilet paper and causes a plumbing blockage, the resulting plumbing bill shall be paid by Tenant as additional rent upon notice by Landlord

Garbage disposal. Tenant will be charged the vendor fee for unblocking a garbage disposal if any of the following are found to have blocked the garbage disposal: bones, banana peels, corn husks, pasta, cornmeal, stringy vegetables, “twister” seals, screws, nails, cigarette butts, flower clippings, toys, coins, grease, shellfish shells, celery, onion skins, potato peels, rice, meat fats, artichokes, bottle caps, rubber bands, string, popcorn kernels, egg shells, coffee grounds, glass, utensils, fruit pits, washcloths, or sponges. If you cannot chew it, do not put it in the garbage disposal.

Light bulbs. It is the tenant’s responsibility to replace all light bulbs.

Water filtration systems. If the home is furnished with a water filtration system, Tenant is responsible for changing any water filters and for purchasing new filters.If the refrigerator includes a water filtration system, Tenant is responsible for changing water filters and for purchasing new filters.

Properly dispose of the following:

Properly dispose of the following: